Advanced Timestamping to BTC

Babylon leverages cutting-edge cryptographic technologies and advanced Cosmos SDK features to send succinct, verifiable, and adversary-slashing checkpoints to the Bitcoin network for timestamping. The size of each checkpoint is merely about 150 bytes, but it can cover hundreds of Babylon blocks and all the transactions therein. Babylon also executes lightweight vigilante programs that bridge Babylon and BTC and monitor their consistency. The result? Babylon is secure as long as Bitcoin is secure.


The Most Secure Checkpoint Aggregator Ever

Any blockchains and DApps can checkpoint important data (such as signed headers) to Babylon as Babylon transactions. Babylon will automaically provide Bitcoin timestamps to all the transactions and the checkpointed data therein. Since Babylon is as secure as Bitcoin, the timestamps are secure and irreversable as Bitcoin. The result? Babylon ehances the security of its users by providing:
  1. a secure and reliable measure of time based on Bitcoin
  2. a verified and irreversable record of the history

IBC-Native Protection for Cosmos Zones

Babylon enables Cosmos zones to conveniently checkpoint its critical consensus data to Babylon via IBC. Through Babylon’s verification and aggregation, all the zones will also enjoy BTC security, and can say goodbye to social consensus and weak subjectivity.

Tremendous Benefits

The enhanced security solves the Achillis’ heel of Cosmos zones and makes many sought-after features possible, such as a securely measured stake unbonding period that can be configured to as short as a few hours, secure bootstrapping of new Cosmos zones, secure sync of new clients, and transaction censorship resistance. For more information, please visit our blogs.
Fast stake unbonding
Robust security for high-value transfers
Boosting Total Value Locked (TVL)
Facilitating the launch of new chains
Resilience against censorship attempts
NFTs secured by Bitcoin and more.